Diamondback Moth

The Central focus of this E-Magazine is to establish an understanding of the Diamondback Moth from a biological perspective. Understanding the moth’s success, biological weak points and necessities will provide a sufficient knowledge base to help the reader make management decisions that reduce what may have been unforeseen risk factors. We will also discuss its effects on agriculture, natural habitat, and our economy. We want to know if our management efforts combined with the exotic environment they live in have a significant enough effect to manage the moth to a sustainable level for the foreseeable future. This E-Magazine will delve into how agriculturalists are keeping their ‘peaking years’ to a minimum. We will also discuss how our climate is suited for them currently and if they will be affected by climate change. 

How Does Nature Fight Back?!

Written by: Alex FlemingEdited by: Nathan Waatainen Parasitoids: The strongest natural defence mechanism (including the Diadegma Wasp) can’t keep up            Management of pest populations (such as the Diamondback Moth) requires a multifaceted approach that typically will involve introducing or promoting a natural parasitoid to attack the pest of interest. A parasitoid is an organismContinue reading “How Does Nature Fight Back?!”

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